Sludge Settlement Tanks

Camplas dished base tanks mounted on integrally wound support skirts are used extensively for settlement and concentration of difficult materials that form a sludge which can be removed completely for disposal or recycling.
1,000’s of tanks now in service installed worldwide
Fully customisable
(formerly BS4994-1973) with a minimum factor of safety of 8/1
Custom built tanks from 10 to 300 cubic metres capacity and in diameters from 600 to 8000mm with flat, dished or conical bases

Typical applications are sludge settlement tanks on small sewage treatment plants, concentration of food and agricultural waste for anaerobic digestion, removal of grit for water reuse on effluent treatment plants and concentration of apple mulch after cider fermentation.

Tests carried out in conjunction with Kingston University on 20 year old tanks to the prototype testing procedure of BS4994-1987 have shown that there is no significant loss of mechanical strength in tanks that have been in continuous service in the most arduous of conditions for over 20 years compared with newly made tanks of exactly the same design and construction.

Key features of the Sludge Settlement Tanks

Filament wound using complimentary helical angles for optimum strength
Easily cleaned and sterilised between batches
Lower profile and less obtrusive than cone based tanks
Well proven durable design with over 500 in service some now 30 years old


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