Company Profile


Chairman Tony Williams receiving his OBE in 1977

The Camplas group was formed in 1967 by the present Chairman and Managing Director A C Williams MBE, initially to manufacture high quality chemical plant for the steel and petrochemical industries.

The group has invested heavily in research and development over the years and in 1985 built its first computer controlled helical filament winding machine. This was so successful that in 1987 the company was awarded the Queens’s Award for Technological Achievement for its outstanding range of Supertanks.

This was followed in 1990 by the Government’s ‘Smart’ Award for Innovation for its development of the Camplas ‘Fiberloc’ tank, in 1995 the Hydro Award for an outstanding contribution to the improvement in water quality, and in 1996 runner up to the mighty General Motors in the PRW Award for Excellence in Composite Design for the Camplas Fiberlay Process.


Chairman Tony Williams with his MBE

In 1997 the Chairman was awarded the MBE for services to industry.

Camplas Technology Ltd was formed to take over the research and development function of the group, particularly in the fields of pollution prevention and storm control where the group has built up a leading edge technology.

It continues to invest heavily in research and development and has 15 patents granted and pending ranging from advance pollution control measures to composite reinforcing bars for concrete.

The company is dedicated to the improvement of the environment through the development of the best available technology at affordable cost.