Camplas GRP Standard SuperTanks

30, 40 and 50 cubic metre GRP SuperTanks awaiting collection from stock

30, 40 & 50 cubic metre capacity. Available at short notice.

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Camplas GRP Customised SuperTanks

100 cubic meter GRP Tanks for the storage of potassium silicate

30 – 100 cubic metre capacity. Multi-storage and processing.

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Camplas GRP Custom Built Tanks & Vessels

GRP processing tank with special lining for difficult chemicals – Conteka catalyst plant, Delfzijl’ Netherlands

10 – 300 cubic metre capacity. Custom built to client’s specification.

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Campas GRP Sludge Settlement Tanks

100 cubic metre GRP sludge settlement tank

30 – 100 cubic metre capacity. Settlement and decanting.

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Camplas GRP Transit Tanks & Skeletal Tankers

36m3 conventional cradle mounted GRP tank fitted on an ISO container frame with twist-lock attachments fitted to a skeletal trailer

8 – 36 cubic metre capacity. Cost effective liquid transportation.

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Camplas GRP Below Ground Tanks

Combined Sewer Overflow GRP attenuator tanks – Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water – Nelson, South Wales

10 – 300 cubic metre capacity. Liquid storage and treatment.

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Award Winning GRP Storage Tanks

All Camplas Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks are designed by a means of biaxial design envelope as laid down in BS 4994 —1987 using two or three complimentary helical winding angles providing maximum strength in all directions. This accommodates all the expected loadings and takes into account pressure, vacuum, ageing, fatigue and external forces such as wind and ground pressure. The design programme has evolved from 33 years of tank manufacturing and the practical application of the design criteria laid down in BS 4994. This has been extended over the years to accommodate tanks which are not covered by the standard such as multi-cradle horizontal tanks, buried tanks and even seismic loading for possible earthquakes.

The validity of the design has been proven recently by tests carried out on 20 year old tanks to BS 4994 and qualified by Kingston University, Surrey which show that there is no significant deterioration in GRP tanks which have been exposed to the most arduous of conditions compared to newly made tanks of exactly the same design and construction.